Optional Create Your Vision Form 

Thank you for your interest in my Create Your Vision Workshop.
I invite you to answer a few questions so together we can create an environment with a group who shares your deep curiosity and desire to expand their personal and professional horizons.
We want to do our best to join you with others who have aligned values and share your growth mindset as we embark on this wonderful future visioning journey together!

Please watch your inbox as we will send you a THANK YOU GIFT for submitting a completed form to help me better understand your expectations and interest. 

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Experiential Vision Board In-Person Workshop.

1. How would you best describe your current mindset towards personal growth and exploration?

2. Share at least one outcome would you like to walk away with through participating in this experiential vision board workshop?

3. What best describes experiences you've had with workshops or group activities focused around personal development or self-discovery?

4. Briefly describe one way you may challenge yourself during this weekend workshop to facilitate your growth and transformation?

5. What draws you to this particular Vision Board workshop, and what makes you feel it's the right fit for you at this moment in your life?

6. Optional - please add anything additional that you would like me to know about you that may be helpful attending this workshop.

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